Kornélia Gottmannová

There are more aspects exchanging within myself – from idealistic rebel to conforming pragmatist.
I was always attracted by literature and theatre however I graduated in physical chemistry.
I wanted to rescue world and I spent 10 years building my career in corporations.

Then I decided to find real calling corresponding to all my aspects. It is 10 years since I am helping people with personal development, team work and together searching answers to questions who we really are and what are we doing here.


Kornélie Gottmannová


777 065 665

Vlastimil Jaroš

I was attracted by labs so I spent couple of yearsin R&D. Then I was leading sales team and finally got it. People are the most important. I made crucial work/life turn and started to deal just with people.

I spent more than 10 000 hours during last 20 years by working with groups or individuals. I still increasing my perspective with years. I believe more and morein power of imagination and I understand to world of art as reatest inspiration. So whole world can fit in my image, secrets and adversities included.

I do not skip anything.


Vlastimil Jaroš


602 293 341